EggSmart - the new way to cook eggs

Once in a while a new product reaches the market which is a very clever and simple idea.

Most people love eating eggs – it’s part of our daily diet. Now there’s a new way to cook, keep and eat this nutritious staple.

The EggSmart which has been widely promoted on ‘As Seen On TV’ is now offered for purchase on SavvyHut.

So what’s novel about EggSmart?


Eggs with a difference

The real genius of this product is that it allows you to add ingredients to the liquid egg before its cooked. So instead of cooking just a boiled egg, you can have a cheesy boiled egg, or maybe you want a herb egg, or vegetable egg…what about a little bit of chilli?? Let your imagination run wild.

And so by converting a simple boiled egg into a deliciously flavoured egg of your choice, the staple food suddenly becomes a lot more appealing.


No Peel Eggs

Secondly, because the uncooked egg is poured into the EggSmart pod and then cooked, the end result is a boiled egg without the shell. This in itself makes life a lot easier, not having to pick the shell off an egg.


Store and eat later

A great advantage of this product is that once cooked and cooled it can be stored in the EggSmart pod in the fridge (you can of course remove the egg first and then store separately). This means if you like to have a tasty egg with you when you leave home, just pop it in your bag and go.


Weight loss diets

If you’re on a weight loss diet such as the Keto diet, LCHF, egg diet etc, the EggSmart provides a useful takeaway meal, at work or recreation.


Egg White-Only for protein on the go.

But the genius doesn’t end there, for those who prefer egg white-only meals or snacks, mix your liquid egg white with tasty herbs, spices etc cook and eat or store for later, to take to the gym/workout. These finger foods are ideal for protein on-the-go. They work perfectly for a post-workout snack when you don't feel like mixing up a protein shake.

Kids Snacks

For parents, these tasty eggs make a great addition to a lunch box, healthy after-school snack or playground treat.


Picnic Food

The EggSmart pods make picnics a doddle. Prepare your favourite cooked eggs and transport the eggs in the pods.


Entertaining and dinner parties

All time favourite dishes like deviled eggs are a cinch to prepare, no more wasting time peeling eggs just prepare your filling while the shell-free eggs cook.

The uses and recipes are endless. (just make sure you spray a drop of oil in the pod first to prevent sticking)

What a clever idea. Buy your EggSmart pods from SavvyHut now.




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